‚Äč International Pastors

 Side-By-Side Church International has been called to the regions beyond to establish justice where injustice prevails.

Injustice can take on many forms: terrorism, poverty, child starvation, abuse of political power and child sex trafficking to name a few.

We have found that teaching the national pastor to seek God and not man, can lead to great transformation in remote areas where international resources are not yet available.

For over ten years, we have been privileged to work Side-By-Side and equip national pastors with the only TRUTH there is, GOD's WORD.

By equipping these national pastors, God is working through their lives to establish justice in areas where injustice has gone unchecked for many years.

We are thankful for the boldness, faithfulness and courage these pastors have demonstrated in the face of untold dangers and circumstances.

Equipping, empowering and ordaining national pastors is critical for the advancement of Justice throughout the world.