Starvation Elimination  -  Education Development

(For Children)

God has given us the vision to eliminate Child Starvation in nations where international assistance is not already available.  Estimates are that 16,000 children die every 24 hours from starvation.  That number does not include children who die from diseases related to poor nutrition.
Please view the photos below to see what God is doing in the lives of children who were without hope, food, or an opportunity for an education.



Today there are over approximately 1,000 children being fed and given a Christian Education after 10 years of collaborating with faithful men and women in the nations of Uganda and Kenya.  There are permanent structures in place for the children to safely meet in and receive an education.  Clean water to drink due to God providing the funding to drill bore-hole water wells. This has increased the longevity of the parents and children due to the clean water now being available.We praise God for His faithfulness and those He has touched to join in this vision of S.E.E.D.  

Starvation Elimination - Education Development